Quilted quilt with a pillow premium

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Beautiful bedding with filling, designed and sewn in our studio.
Sets available from the smallest size to the cradle, to quilts for older kids.
Made of premium cotton on both sides, beautifully quilted on the uniform side. Quilting together with anti-allergic non-woven fabric. It provides the possibility of washing without the risk of the filling moving. A very practical solution and at the same time a beautiful, unique look.

Two variants of frills to choose from:

  • on the pillow on 3 sides and across the quilt
  • on the pillow on 3 sides and along the quilt (on the sides)

The frills are sewn in the color of uniform cotton, which is on the bottom.

Made of cotton fabric safe for the child’s skin that meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards.
The highest quality of workmanship. The filling is a high-quality antiallergic silicone non-woven fabric 300g.
For the quilt, we offer a choice of flat pillows perfect for the smallest children or filled with a silicone ball.
The quilts are universal, all-year-round. The filling is sewn inside permanently, but can be washed in the washing machine.


Termin realizacji zamówienia: 10 dni roboczych

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