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Who We Are?


We are a small family tailor's workshop Gajka. My youngest daughter, Gaja, was an inspiration to start all over an adventure with sewing. I graduated from a tailoring school and a clothing technology I am a tailor and garment technology technician, but it was sewing for children that stole my heart. I love pink and it often shows on my projects. Being a mother of two daughters, however, obliges to something. I appreciate very much the contact with the customer. For two years of running the company only through social networking sites I had the opportunity to meet my customers, participate in their preparations for the arrival of a new baby and even become friends with several of them.

We attach great importance to the selection of fabrics, patterns and finishing. The fabrics we use are safe for the youngest. Premium cotton is of high quality and dyes are of natural origin. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, for two years nothing has happened that could affect our product quality. We are proud of that.

We sewed mainly to order and now it's time for the online store that you keep asking about. We want to offer you our products in ready-made sets, I hope that this form will be attractive for you. However, we do not give up sewing to order, so feel free to contact us.

Regards Agnieszka

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The love of designing and sewing for babies is not only a passion. It is a responsibility for every project. Each product we create is unique. When choosing materials, we are primarily guided by the best quality. Each of us wants children to be surrounded by safety and every little detail in a child's life is important.

That is why we also make sure that each piece of fabric, thread is suitable for babies. Designing is creative work. We spend a lot of precision on creating one element. In the end, each element builds the entire effect, so you can be sure that everything was created by us, out of love for the originality of the product.

The sets included in our offer are selected collections. You can choose your set depending on your needs and still be sure that each of them is made with the work of your hands 🙂 The selected colors will satisfy the parents of boys and girls.

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